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FeeSimple is an open source blockchain-based protocol that uses groundbreaking distributed database technologies to enable end-to-end real estate applications.


Real estate technology
needs help.

FeeSimple’s mission is to solve the most important issues that will restrict the real estate industry as it begins to incorporate nascent blockchain technology and the internet of value (IoV).

Access to data

Existing real estate application and data systems overly leverage their power over centralized data creating an environment of high fee extraction and constrained application development.

Access to capital

Real estate development requires a large amount of capital, and current financing options are limited to institutional lending, a real estate developer’s own network of high net worth accredited investors, or a select number of real estate crowdfunding portals.

Access to ownership

Current options for investing in real estate require a significant investment. Real estate crowdfunding advancements have helped, but investment options via current real estate crowdfunding portals are not liquid enough to be transferred between parties via the internet of value.

Welcome to Real Estate 3.0

By using the blockchain, FeeSimple will provide a more open ecosystem for Web 3.0 software applications. This will help foster much-needed technical advancements in real estate technology development.


Blockchain based
Achieve improved efficiency and profitability by applying blockchain technology to real estate.


Decentralized data
Facilitate application innovation by accessing shared and standardized data.


Community driven
FeeSimple is fully open source and not owned by a private company or any other organization.


Empowering innovation

We believe that blockchain is the pathway to future innovation in the real estate industry. From property and asset management, to crowdfunding and investing, every segment of the industry will be affected by this new technology.

To put it simply, FeeSimple will facilitate true innovation across all aspects of real estate.

Online Leasing
Investor Management
Rent Payments
Property Deeds
Listings Database


The development of FeeSimple will be divided into multiple phases. The first phase will focus on developing the overall protocol, including building a testnet, wallet, mainnet, and other protocol infrastructure. Phase two will focus on developing the property management platform which includes core functionality needed to facilitate dApp development for the multi-family industry. Later phases will be dedicated to the development of other systems and platforms such as real estate asset tokenization and crowdfunding.

FeeSimple Initial Concept

Q3 2017

FeeSimple Whitepaper

Q1 2018

Phase 1: Protocol Infrastructure

Q2 2018

FeeSimple Platform Proof of Concept

Q3 2018

Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Whitepaper

Q1 2019

Phase 2: Property Management Platform

Q2 2019

Phase 3: Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Q1 2020

Help build the future.

By decentralizing data and structuring fees that direct more resources toward application development, FeeSimple will enable the open-source community and private companies to create the next wave of real estate software.

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